In the beginning... a young woman from a small island went to Germany to study holistic skin care. Her name was Sharon, and she knew she'd found her life's work. She came back to Prince Edward Island, and over the next twenty-odd years, she performed facial treatments on thousands of satisfied clients. But Sharon herself was not satisfied. She just couldn't find the natural skincare creams and serums to achieve the results she wanted for her beloved clients. She wanted to give them healthy radiant skin quickly, and everything she tried fell short. For a long time she nurtured the dream of creating a natural skincare line that would perform to her exacting specifications. But she couldn't do it on her own. She couldn't do it until she partnered with Reid. Reid had a solid background in science to recommend him. It turned out he also had an undiscovered talent for combining nature's bounty in novel formulations, and was able to achieve the outstanding skincare results Sharon had wanted to manifest. Together they refine each formula until it's just right to give the user that WOW! experience. Thus was born Quannessence...

Throughout her practice, Sharon Quann identified deficiencies in the industry for naturally based, non-toxic products that offered the potency to deliver results comparable to expensive, professional grade skin care products that are commonly contaminated with harmful chemicals.

After trying several lines Sharon found that none fully addressed corrective skin care concerns, so she connected with Reid Barnett to engineer a line of exceptional skin care products that addresses a holistic and healthy approach to living while providing maximum results and value to her clientele.

Reid brings the latest technology and science in cosmeceuticals to his partner Sharon Quann's vision of exceptional skin care products that address a holistic and healthy approach to living while providing maximum results without the use of harmful, toxic additives.

Reid's role involves researching leading trends in the industry and identifying technologies that meet the philosophy of Quannessence.

He has developed all the Quannessence products to date and works closely with Sharon Quann in the identification and formulation of highly focused products to satisfy treatment protocols and recognized gaps in the sector. Once the concept of a new product is identified, Reid builds the model of an ideal product using active botanical ingredients and the latest skincare technologies.

Sharon Quann

BioSpa (Quann) Cosmeceuticals Inc.

Sharon Quann is recognized as a trailblazer in the spa and aesthetics industry in Prince Edward Island, with a 30 year tenure in the field. She holds over a dozen certifications, establishing her as one of PEI's most diverse and holistic practitioners. Sharon also trained at the prestigious WALA Heilmittel in Germany, a forerunner in the holistic pharmaceuticals field and creator of the famous Dr. Hauschka line of natural products.

Sharon brings her experience and training as a licensed Naturotherapist and a holistic, healing philosophy to the development of the Quannessence Skincare line.

She is an active member of the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists, and owns and operates the Mystical Touch Holistic Beauty Therapies. Prior to opening Mystical Touch Holistic Beauty Therapies Sharon owned and operated the first full service Spa on PEI, Secret Garden, which grew to a staff of 27 people.

Sharon's other life's work has been raising her beautiful and talented children, Emma and Ryan.

Reid Barnett

BioSpa (Quann) Cosmeceuticals Inc.

Reid Barnett has been involved in the bioscience sector on Prince Edward Island for almost a decade, and has held senior management roles instrumental in launching several companies specializing in the extraction and application of natural based active compounds which were marketed throughout Canada, the US and other global markets.

Reid brings the latest technology and science in cosmeceuticals to his partner Sharon Quann's vision for Quannessence. He is also working closely with PEI research organizations to identify and incorporate new plant based active compounds in several new skincare products.

Reid holds a B.Sc. From the University of New Brunswick and an MBA from Saint Mary's University.

"The essence of all Quannessence products is co-created with our hearts full of gratitude. We are deeply thankful to our spa owners, aestheticians, and clients of present and in future who believe in our products goodness. 'There are no short cuts to any place worth going'. We look forward to a bright and beauty-filled future and we hope you love Quannessence as much as we've loved creating it for you."

Kind Regards,
Sharon Quann, Owner/President, and Reid Barnett, CEO