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Quannessence Skincare is focused on developing products that align with nature by using almost entirely plant derived ingredients. In some cases we need to add an ingredient that is not natural or is naturally synthesized. We do this to ensure the product is safe and functional and provides the best experience for the user.
We apply an 18 months expiry on our products to ensure that they perform as intended and are safe to use. Some products will last for several years but this is hard for us to determine. To maintain shelf life and functionality, make sure to store out of direct sunlight.
We use some wheat derived extracts in a few products but these are so refined as to alter their protein structure. Our products should not cause any issues with gluten sensitivities but it is always best to test first. There is a lot of hype with skincare products and all the wonderful things they can do.
We strive to keep our products hypo-allergenic, however because we focus on plant derived extracts some people may have a sensitivity to a particular plant ingredient (fairly rare). If this is the case, please refrain from using the products and notify us before returning to where you purchased it for a full refund.
No we do not use parabens or formaldehyde from agents in any of our products. We try to avoid controversial or questionable preservatives and stick to those most conforming to our natural approach.
We avoid the use of fragrances in our products, however many have intrinsic scents from the ingredients or essential oils used. A few products, however do have an added scent, usually to overcome an unfavourable odour or to enhance the experience of the product (wash off products like Facial Cleansing Cream).
We do not test our products on animals or knowingly included ingredients that were tested on animals. We attempt to find out as much as possible about our ingredients to ensure they conform with our own philosophies of safety, environment protection and moral responsibility.
We do not use any animal derived ingredients in any of our products with the exception of the Facial Cleansing Cream where we chose to add goat milk powder because of its superb cleansing and conditioning effect on the skin.
The Internet is great for researching ingredients, however be wary of the source. Much information is prejudicial or biased to a particular product line or person's perspective. There is not much in the world of skincare that does not a have detractor to announce the deadly side effects of an ingredient. Two recommended sites would be the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Cosmetic Database and the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR). Both of these organization are unbiased in their opinions and approach skincare ingredients safety in slightly different ways.
The obvious answer is the cost and reproducibility. Large companies demand low production costs and a consistent product from batch to batch. When using plant extracts it is possible to get many variations of a product (different colour, thickness, odour, feel) and generally these extracts can be quite expensive. Sometimes product safety is less of a concern than these other factors.
All of the aesthetics operations carrying our line have product information sheets that highlight the ingredients and the key actives used in each of our products. If you cannot get one there, please email us and we will be happy to forward a copy.
All our products are developed from the ground up. Our lab is attached to an aesthetics operation (Mystical Touch) where the concepts are cultivated. The final version of our product is the culmination of numerous iterations where prototype goes back and forth between the lab and aesthetics studio until something fantastic is developed. We also rely on feedback and ideas from Facebook and our clients.
In order to determine which products are best for you, it would be beneficial to speak with your Quannessence Skincare specialist. They can assist with evaluating your skincare needs and make appropriate recommendations for a homecare regimen, or in-office treatment. The combination of the two can provide sensational results!
Serums are usually much more potent and focused on a particular function. Creams on the other hand are more multi-functional and have less activity. This is not always the case though and Quannessence will be launching a highly potent anti-wrinkle cream in the upcoming months.
All products are manufactured out of our Summerside PEI facility.
There are a growing number of professional skincare providers carrying the Quannessence line. We only sell our products through licensed skincare specialists. If you are not sure of the closest location to your residence just send an email or contact us on Facebook.
If the product for some reason goes bad, just return it to where you bought it for a replacement. If you have a reaction or sensitivity to the product, please contact us and we can review with you. In most cases, we will arrange for a full refund.

Return Policy for Distributors

Quannessence utilizes the following guidelines for all product returns (excludes discontinued products and packaging.
We do not give cash refunds. Applicable credit to account will be issued to Distributors and applied to you next order.
  • Items returned within 30 days, in resalable condition (no price labels, damaged packaging, subject to inspection by Quannessence Management, etc.) and accompanied with proof of return authorization from Owner of Quannessence Skincare.
  • Items returned after 30 days, in resalable condition and accompanied by completed authorization will be restocked and a minimum 20% restocking fee will be charged.
  • Items are not returnable after 3 months. Non-re-salable items (age, damage, discontinued, etc) will be are non refundable.
  • Please contact your Distributor Sales Consultant, to arrange for a product return.
  • Returns are shipped to BioSpa Quann Cosmeceuticals Inc. and the products must be packaged appropriately as the damage is the Client's responsibility.
  • Promotional skincare is final sale, and thus non-refundable.
If you wish to return items to Quannessence, you are responsible to pay the freight charges on all items returned. If the Client ships a return "freight-collect", the freight charges will be deducted from your credit
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In most cases the skincare professional who sold you the product should be able to answer your question. We are however, always available to respond to your enquiries. Just email us or connect via Facebook.