Our Philosophy

Our mission is to produce the highest quality products by taking the most advanced ingredients from nature and combining them into products that will exceed the expectations of everyone that uses them.

Quannessence Skincare is based on five guiding tenets that reflect the philosophy of the company's approach to everything we do

Safe Healthy Products

No matter what products we produce, the most important principle that guides us is that they must be safe and healthy for the skin.


Every product we produce must have proven results and be considered among the best our clients have ever used. We will not use ingredients for label appeal, with all ingredients being used at optimal concentrations.


We base our line on natural ingredients and, wherever possible, use plant derived extracts with a proven history of safety and functionality.

Treatment Based

All our products form part of advanced professional treatments that can be performed by professional skincare providers and used in home-based treatment regimens.

Cost Effective

Our products are formulated to be extremely cost effective by maximizing potency so only small amounts are used, thereby ensuring maximum value for our clients.