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The Story Behind Our Members – Quannessence Skincare

by Sharon Quann

How did I become the Aesthetician and Businesswoman I am today? This question has been difficult for me to answer because there has been nothing straightforward or easy arriving at these accomplishments. I overcame immense personal and business hardship, both of which strengthening and softening me. Although the idea of a person being strong yet soft at the same time may appear to be paradoxical, and therefore, not possible, my experiences in life have morphed me into both things. I have become more resilient and far more empathetic and compassionate towards others having been through so much myself. These qualities, in combination with my drive and unmeasurable external support, have allowed me to arrive at where I am today.

At the age of 17, I combined my interest in Aesthetics and love for positively impacting individuals lives by training to become an Aesthetician. I studied and became certified through L’Institut Jon rayMond in Moncton, New Brunswick. After completing my training, I moved from my family home in Miramichi, New Brunswick to my forever home, in Summerside, Prince Edward Island with little more than a suitcase and my internal drive. From there, I opened an aesthetic office called Mystical Touch, which I owned and operated from 1986 to 1996. From 1996 to 2001 I co-owned and operated Secret Garden and had a staff of 26 Aestheticians and Hair Stylists. Secret Garden was the first full-service spa in Summerside, Prince Edward Island. In 2002, I went on to streamline my business into advanced Aesthetics. Since then, I have owned and operated QuannSpa Holistic Beauty Therapies with a present staff of six employees.

Near the beginning of my aesthetic career in PEI, I had a lingering sense that there was something more for me in Aesthetics, which drove me to seek out the Dr. Hauschka School in Germany, an institute that teaches the importance of a holistic approach to aesthetics (only skincare). It was there that I learned about the importance of combining a nutritious diet with healthy skincare ingredients and products that utilize local and naturally sourced plant botanicals. It was also under their tutelage that my dream began to materialize- creating and manufacturing a professional, holistic, and botanically based skincare line in idyllic Prince Edward Island.

Once completing my studies in Germany, I returned to Prince Edward Island, and over the next twenty years, I performed aesthetic treatments on thousands of satisfied clients. I was not yet fulfilled as I was unable to find the holistic skincare creams and serums to achieve the results I desired for my beloved clients. I wanted to give my clients healthy and luminous skin, but every product line I tried fell short. During those years of experimentation, I nurtured my dream of creating a holistic skincare line that would perform to my exacting specifications, but, as a single Mom co-raising my two beautiful children, my dream had to wait.

After co-parenting and raising two equally special individuals, I could dedicate more time and focus to my ever-present dream. In 2005, I contracted a skincare formulator to help create the professional Quannessence Skincare line. For five years we worked tirelessly to create and perfect an entire line of products before launching the Quannessence Skincare line and incorporating BioSpa (Quann) Cosmeceuticals as the manufacturing company in 2010. Since the incorporation of BioSpa, Quannessence Skincare has expanded across Canada and is recognized for its local, botanically based and results-oriented products. We also share and teach all those who use and carry the line about the importance of holistic aesthetics.

Throughout my career in aesthetics, my thirst to gain further knowledge and skills has yet to be quenched. Over the past thirty years, I have continued to broaden and diversify my skillset through certified courses and programs. Some of these include Para-Medical Aesthetics, Healing Touch, Aroma Therapy, Endermologie, Identifying Benign Skin Disorders, Natural Energy Healing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Holistic Health Counselling, Emotional Freedom Technique, C.O.R.E. Therapy, IPL Laser, Dermaplaning, and Micro-needling Certificate.

I will forever be on a lifelong learning path in Aesthetics, business, and personal growth, and thank all those who supported and believed in me throughout my career. I would not be here today if it were not for my united Quannessence family, Innovation PEI, the Emergence Business Mentorship Program, PEI BioAlliance, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, Women in Business, and the Summerside Chamber of Commerce. Their help along with the help and support from my community, friends, and family has been unsurmountable.

With Elegance, ease, grace, and harm to none,
Sharon Quann

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Beauty From Within

By Millicent McKay

Summerside woman wants wellness for all

Sharon Quann is dedicated to help others. It’s what makes her tick. “There is so much we can do as individuals to give back and do the right thing.”

SUMMERSIDE — Sharon Quann is dedicated to help others.

It’s what makes her tick. “There is so much we can do as individuals to give back and do the right thing.”

Quann is the owner and president of BioSpa (Quann) Cosmecueticals Inc., a local skin care company hailing from Summerside P.E.I. Quann, a Mirimachi, N.B., native moved to the Island when she was 18 years old.

“I didn’t have my licence, so my dad drove me over. I had always wanted to come to the Island,” she reflected.

After arriving she began working in aesthetics for a local company. She eventually when on to start the company Mystical Touch Holistic Therapies (now known as QuannSpa Holistic Beauty Therapies).

To learn more about the industry, Quann went to Germany and studied under a leading expert in the holistic pharmaceuticals field and creator of the Dr. Hauschka line of natural products.

It was that tutelage that inspired her to take the next step, creating her own skin care line.

[ . . . ] Around 2008-10 Quann contacted and hired [ a formulator ] in the bioscience sector on P.E.I. to do the formulations for the Quannessence products which contain natural and holistic ingredients. Quannessence products are professional spa-grade items and can’t be found in the drug-store.

“Because of this we do the training and teaching about the ingredients. We’ll teach aestheticians and students how to properly do a chemical peel or facial, and so on,” said Quann.


While health and wellness is at the forefront of social media, news, fitness and more, Quann has been practicing wellness since she was 19 years old.

“To me it means beauty from the inside out. So, living it, breathing it, speaking it and eat-ing it. There are so many elements that go with it. I’ve been meditating since I was 19. I meditate every day, twice a day for 20 minutes.”

She attributes her wellness lifestyle to the teachings of Dr. Hauschka, who opened her heart to natural healing, and to another mentor from Switzerland who taught her about energy healing.

She said people are more educated about natural, non-toxic ingredients and products they are putting in and on their bodies.


“I’ve had mentors who have guided me for eight to 10 years and have given me so much. But I think I’m really on my own path.”

A driving force on this path is her desire for people to know what they are putting on their skin.

“My motivation is for people to have healthier skin. My alliance to help people.”

As she looks to the future, Quann said the focus will be on a couple of new products as well as getting the company situated in order to export internationally.

“First, we need to get in GMP, good manufacturing practices, in order to sell and export outside of Canada. I’ve had people from different countries approaching us about it, so it was the next logical step for the company. It’s exciting and scary all at the same time.”

Quann, who described herself as a people pleaser, said she’d like to make 2019 the year where she accepts that all she can do is her best.

“Learn to have a voice and speak your truth and know that it’s OK to do your best.”


“Women are power houses, they’re just coming to the surface,” said Quann about the changing cosmetics industry which has seen more women enter the field. She said as more women come into the industry people will see new creative and innovative prod-ucts.

“Women in general often think on things a lot longer. We generally do things for the whole.”

Speaking to the masses, Quann said there will be lots of naysayers.

“They’ll say you’ll never make it or you’re not enough, but if you have a passion for some-thing, just take one step in front of the other. Turn a blind eye and keep going. Because if you give up, then the nay-sayers have won.”

Quann’s daughter, Emma, is also involved in the business.

“She’s lived wellness as a lifestyle since she was born. It’s fun having your kids involved.”

Emma also teaches and practices yoga and aerial yoga.

One thing Quann knows for sure, “All we have is this moment. So, make the best of it.”

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Sharon Quann was 18 when she arrived in P.E.I. from New Brunswick to work in a beauty salon. “My Dad drove me over the bridge, and I never left.” By the age of 20, she’d launched a Summerside holistic beauty clinic and has been entrepreneurial ever since. “It was meant to be. A friend was closing a business and had equipment to sell. My clinic’s name — Mystical Touch – suddenly came to me.” Sharon studied at the German institute of renowned naturopath Dr. Rudolf Hauschka and vowed to create her own product line – with natural ingredients for skin health and wellbeing – in P.E.I.

There was slow progress early on with door-to-door sales and esthetician training. “We had to do everything ourselves,” says Sharon. “I’m a single mom and had to work.” Federal and provincial support, plus assistance from the NRC and BioFoodTech to develop bioactive ingredients and extraction technology, have propelled BioSpa to a new level. It also participates in the P.E.I. BioAlliance Emergence incubator program for startups pursuing commercialization. “Regis Duffy and others are mentors,” says Sharon. “What an amazing gift for a young company.” Maritime Beauty Supply is promoting regional distribution and, with growth doubling annually, there are plans to expand throughout Canada.

“Fine P.E.I. Skincare” is prominently featured on all products with various ingredients locally sourced. “It’s the essence of our brand reflecting the Island,” says Sharon. “People across the country are intrigued by the P.E.I. connection. Something pulls them here.”

"It’s not about making the sale, or the money. If it is, you don’t truly love what you do. Create something great for people, educate them, and the money will come. If you follow your passion and don’t listen to naysayers, there’s nothing you can’t do."

-Sharon Quann

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Beauty From the Inside Out

By Margaret Magner (Special to The Guardian)

Early in her career, Sharon Quann, a leading P.E.I. skincare aesthetician and natrotherapist, had a life-changing experience studying with Dr. Rudolph Hauschka in Germany. His renowned company WALA Heilmittel, a pioneer in holistic pharmaceuticals and homeopathic medicines, launched a unique line of 100 per cent natural skincare products utilizing nature-based rhythmical processing and the highest-quality plant and mineral ingredients returning skin to a healthy, beautiful state. Quann vowed one day to pursue these same principles, incorporating naturally sourced bioactive compounds at the peak of potency to promote skin health and overall well being through her own line of products - and to do it in P.E.I.

[ . . . ] BioSpa's Quannessence Skincare system, Atlantic Canada's only line of professional skincare products developed, tested and manufactured here, is designed for both professional clinical treatments and home care use.

Its Skin Trilogy approach has a threefold strategy, addressing the breakdown of the skin barrier, moisture and nutrient loss, and the degradation of collagen and elastin. The deeply hydrating formulations help correct skin conditions, including superficial wrinkling, premature aging, blemishes, dry and oily complexions, blotchiness, and hyper pigmentation - and are highly absorbent.

All products originate at the company's Summerside, P.E.I. site where Quann also provides professional skincare services through Mystical Touch Therapeutics.

BioSpa focuses on sourcing P.E.I. active and functional ingredients for its products. Crambe, an oilseed grown by Island famers and refined in Kensington by Technology Crops International, another P.E.I. bioscience company, is an essential element in Alchemist Revitalizing Cream, a hydrating moisturizer soothing redness and inflammation while promoting skin rejuvenation.

Canadian Willowherb, with an active ingredient combating acne bacteria, is an advanced emollient in Luminess Face Lotion. And Labrador Tea, a powerful skincare antioxidant, is found throughout Prince Edward Island.

"We work with the National Research Council and BioFood Tech in Charlottetown developing ingredients through extensive research and investigation," says Barnett.

"That's why our local bioactive compounds attract the interest of licensed aestheticians, dermatologists and other professional skin care providers in the region."

The company, emblematic of the broad range of concepts and applications encompassed by the P.E.I. bioscience sector, also benefits from its association with the P.E.I. BioAlliance, ACOA and Innovation P.E.I., which have assisted with business planning, marketing, and packaging.

BioSpa is a proud Prince Edward Island company with "Fine P.E.I. Skincare" prominently featured on all its products.

"I want to brand P.E.I. and all its goodness, its soil, and everything we grow here," says Quann, who has lived on the Island for 30 years. "We promote a natural, holistic approach no other competitor is pursuing."

BioSpa is already generating sales outside the region, with dealers in Ontario and California, and overtures from European distributors. Its six serums, particularly the Q Tightening Serum, an innovative Botox alternative incorporating three advanced peptide technologies including synthetic Temple Viper venom, are in high demand.

"People are getting older and are looking for youthfulness," says Barnett. "They crave natural ingredients that provide optimum benefit."

The light, fragrance-free, vitamin-rich products are also popular with men, as Barnett can attest, who uses the formulations regularly.

For Quann, the creation of BioSpa Cosmeceuticals in Prince Edward Island is the culmination of a life-long dream.

"I want to do something exceptional and do it here in P.E.I." says Quann. "We stand by the products we sell. They match up to anyone in the industry and we're doing it in Summerside."

Quann continues to be committed to the healing power of nature as it relates to humanity and the earth.

"I believe in beauty from the inside out. It's not external or topical. Our natural ingredients help people nurture health and wellbeing - the essence of beauty - and put them in touch with the vitality of nature itself."

Margaret Magner, Ph.D., is a freelance journalist in Charlottetown ( This is one in a series of articles on P.E.I.'s bioscience sector.